How to not waste maintainer’s time during Hacktoberfest and still get your t-shirt.

Every year Hacktoberfest rolls around and every year we hear the same story. People open a lot of low quality pull requests on hundreds and thousands of open source projects with small changes like fixing typos in a README. This isn’t a super bad thing by itself, but popular projects often get a significant amount of pull requests like this over the course of the month, eating up a lot of the core maintainers time. The sheer volume of them quickly makes them go from low quality but harmless to unintentionally malicious. It acts like a human DDOS on the code review process. Maintainers still have to review the pull requests (or at least close them) taking away time from more pressing matters. So what can you do if you’re a newer engineer, new to open source, or perhaps both, and you want to contribute to a project that you think is particularly important? Or, and maybe more honestly, you just want the swag from Digital Ocean but you don’t want to waste people’s time.

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